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M e e t  T h e  T e a m 

E r i n  G o t t f r i e d 


M a t t  G o t t f r i e d 


B E H I N D  T H E  N A M E

What's in a name? A good story.

Skunk Hill Creative was named after a series of sand hills on the farm owned by Erin’s grandparents. Secluded off a straight, whitewashed state road, the farm was a place that cultivated creativity and imagination. It was a place where good, hardnosed work amounted to a mantra that spanned generations. And Skunk Hill was a landmark piece of that magic.


In addition to providing a haven of fun and adventure, Skunk Hill served as a place of refuge for local wildlife during the fall and winter months when the property would flood out. It was a particular favorite amongst skunks who hibernated throughout the harsh northern Indiana winters. Needless to say, those who visited the hills had to be extra cautious of creatures that liked to call those hills home.