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The Skunk Hill Creative team comprises of husband and wife duo, Erin and Matt Gottfried.

With more than 30 years of combined marketing experience, Erin and Matt's background spans industries including sports, medical, hospitality and tourism, non-profit, technology and more!

Erin and Matt are proud Indianapolis residents and live downtown with their menagerie of pets.

B E H I N D  T H E  N A M E


What's in a name? A good story.

Whitewashed and worn, the straight and narrow State Road 43 tunnels its way through Northern Indiana. And nestled along it rests the old Yergler farm – a home to many and haven to all. Sitting tall and proud behind the farmhouse, barns and silos, and down the sunflower lined dirt road rested Skunk HIll, an old sand dune in which all generations of the Yergler family played, conquered or was conquered.

Whether it was used as a summertime sledding hill, ATV track, or arrowhead excavation site, Skunk Hill cultivated creativity, curiosity, bravery and endless memories for the many children and grandchildren of Willard and Dolores Yergler. But it also served as a spot of refuge for local wildlife during the fall and winter months when the property would flood out. It was a particular favorite amongst skunks who hibernated throughout the harsh northern Indiana winters.

A timeless landmark on the farm, Skunk Hill was just one of the many areas in which honest, hard-nosed work amounted to a dedicated work ethic spanning generations. Whether you took the ol' red truck or simply walked down to the hill, Skunk Hill Creative pays homage to this one-of-a-kind retreat for Erin and her family.


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