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a project that answers to a higher power.

The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis (or Indy Dio as we know them)

approached us with a unique requirement: a white-label website solution that could be offered to Indiana parishes to either establish a new website or enhance their existing ones.

Adding this distinctive service to our portfolio, we were eager to bring their vision to life. Initially, our goal was to create a menu of pre-designed web pages, providing parishes with options tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


Subsequently, we collaborated with the Indy Dio team to devise a customized intake process, spanning from initial project inquiries to a content-sharing form, which would serve as the backbone for constructing each parish's website.

Designed to be utilized on an as-needed basis, we are delighted to maintain an ongoing partnership with Indy Dio, delivering website solutions that parishes can better connect to their communities with.

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The Indy Dio team wanted a website template that focused on the inclusive community of Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis and its' parishes. From the copy to the colors, we wanted the pages of the template to be warm, inviting, and welcoming. It was important to the client that this mood was pulled through the entirely of the pages designed and created.

Stained Glass Praise

Another essential requirement from the Indy Dio team was the creation of a Priest Search page. Priest searches hold significant importance for Indy Dio's transitional team and the parishes they collaborate with.

a user experience focused on informing efficiently.

In addition to crafting a Priest Search page, the Indy Dio team was adamant about providing parishes with the ability to showcase their church to potential community members.

A crucial aspect of this is addressing any questions that might discourage potential future parishioners. To address this, we developed a user-friendly FAQs section with in-page navigation, allowing visitors to easily find answers to their specific inquiries.

Kids praying in church.
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