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a rebrand with spirit.

Arcadia Local Schools — a modern twist on tradition. Located in the northwest region of Ohio, Arcadia Local Schools came to us for a complete brand overhaul. An exciting step within their larger district strategic plan, this transformation was not just about giving the school district a fresh look.


This project was a bold and historic step towards embracing modernity while preserving the deep-rooted history that makes Arcadia Local Schools so special.

Desktop computer.

Off the bat, our rebranding initiative recognized the need to help the district evolve beyond the existing "Redskin" mascot and help phase-in their new branding to reflect the school's commitment to inclusivity and unity.


Enter the "Arrows," a new symbol that embodies a sense of direction, progress, and shared purpose.

Grass Texture

where tradition and progress meet.

We developed the new Arcadia Local Schools brand using classic fonts carefully chosen to pay homage to the school's heritage while utilizing a broader color palette to breathe new life into the brand and help usher it into a more modern landscape.

2021-2022 Arcadia logo before rebrand.
Rebranded Arcadia Local District logo.
School Bus
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