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the kits.

the starter kits.

Our most popular! The Starter Kit is the "OG" for a reason – cost-effective, budget-friendly, and (most importantly) it saves you time.


Get the foundation of what you need to market and promote your business all in one customized bundle.

We realize not all small businesses needs are identical and that's why we've created three different tiers to give you options.

the standard.

This kit is everything but basic. Perfect for the business that needed "everything done" yesterday. We got you, you busy bee.

the works.

Simply put, this one is the Frank Sinatra of our kits. Timeless. Classic. Not too much. Not too little. Maybe it's ... witchcraft?

the ultimate.

You know the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink?" Yep, this is it. It's got all you need to satisfy your marketing appetite.

the social kits.

Say hello to a consistent social media presence. 95% of small businesses struggle with social media. Why? Time. 

Here's the scoop ... our kits aren't just pretty pictures and videos; it's the whole package deal. We're talking design and a killer marketing strategy.


From graphics, videos and post copy to timing and hashtag strategy, the social kits are as custom to your brand as your favorite mixed CD. All you have to do is schedule ... we have the rest covered.

the monthly.

The one that started it all. Get your entire month of social media strategy and graphics done ... in just one week. 

the quarterly.

Say hello to your secret weapon. Three months of personalized social media that's guaranteed to keep you ahead of the curve.

the refresher kit.

Drawing on the success of the starter kit, we've got a brand new offering that's cooler than being cool ... it's ice cold.

Whether you're in need of an affordable, self-sustaining website or aiming for a total brand makeover, this kit is the rejuvenation your brand has been thirsting for.


the boosters.

Sometimes all you need is a boost in one or two areas. Well, we have a solution for that too.


No need to jump through the time consuming hoops of your standard agency, pick your poison, start your pre-order and we will do the rest. 

Efficiency. It's a real game changer.


the social booster.

The ideal graphics and video package for the busy business looking for a custom social media remedy.

the content booster.

No time to write blogs? We will pull together what you need and give you social media graphics to promote your content too. 

the brand booster.

The fix for that bad logo you bought for $10 on Fiverr (it happens to the best of us). We will even deliver brand guidelines and social icons for your suffering.

the website booster.

Is your website sick but not in a good way? Are you tired of paying an agency additional money for updates? This booster is for you.

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