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a campaign so fresh you can practically smell it.

Our goal  for this campaign was simple — to unveil the hidden treasures of Branson, Missouri, and captivate the imaginations of RCI members ready to embark on an adventure. Introducing the "Branson Is For..." promotion, an invitation to discover the extraordinary, carefully crafted to ignite the curiosity of both seasoned and newbie traveler alike.

Beyond the well-known entertainment scene, our aim was to showcase the diverse allure of Branson, reaching beyond the obvious. For the explorers, music enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and entertainment buffs, Branson has something extraordinary to offer with each segment of the campaign unlocking a door to undiscovered experiences.

The campaign's main mission was to boost revenue and bookings within RCI's Branson inventory. Unfortunately, the 2020 global pandemic forced us to hit the pause button after just one week of this thrilling campaign.

Despite the setback, the "Branson Is For..." campaign was a glimpse into the undiscovered, showing the untapped potential of this vibrant destination. It's a testament to how Branson, a city with a multitude of hidden gems, is ready to shine for every kind of traveler, just waiting for the right moment to reveal its secrets.

Image of foggy lake and rocky lookout point in Branson, MO.

campaign stats.

Strategy and Project Lead, Execution, Copywriting


Team Size:
Managed team of six

Media Created:
Video, Print, Digital, Campaign Landing Page


Promotional Channels:
Social Media, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising (inclusive of display and retargeting, paid social), Direct Mail, Call Center Contest, Social Media Takeover, Onsite Experience




Campaign Development:
Planning and development took two months.
Initial campaign run time one month.

Click on desktop image to open website tour video.
Branson Is For ...
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destination ... something new.

An existing destination spotlight video was used as part of the marketing strategy to add an additional visual and experiential element for target audience.

Close up photo of fall leaves.
Branson Ferris Wheel as part of animated gif digital media.
Branson, MO famous Ferris Wheel on a sunny day as seen on digital media ad.
Red and white Branson, MO ferris wheel with bright blue sky as seen on digital media ad.
Branson, MO Ferris Wheel used as main photo of direct mail piece.
Step and repeat graphic with illustrated image of woman in front of butterfly background.

the pieces of flair.

In addition to the digital marketing strategy of paid media, email marketing and social, we decided to do things a bit "old school."

We sent out a jumbo postcard to a targeted audience group with a high propensity to vacation in Branson. 

What does that even mean? We hyper-focused data segments to include previous Branson vacationers, folks that have visited places similar to Branson, and those that have searched (but not booked) Branson before.

We also had a fun, onsite experience for RCI members who visited Branson resorts that included gift drops with exclusive discounts on second vacations and a lobby step and repeat.

step and repeat.

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