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Blue brand identity book resting on top of marble table with a light colored, wooden chevron floor as background. Brand book features work done by Indianapolis-based branding agency Skunk Hill Creative for Cameo Home Staging Designs.

Cameo Home Staging Designs.

After 20 years, Cameo Home Staging and Designs approached SHC to help modernize their brand to reflect an exciting new era in their business. We started by selecting a dynamic color palette focusing on hues that make a statement.


Dark navy, forest green, pumpkin, and robin egg blue convey warmth, creativity, and tranquility, striking a balance between classic and bold. 

Next, we paired these colors with minimalist fonts to maintain a clean and stylish aesthetic. The new logo was designed to pay homage to the original Cameo design while incorporating a graphical element to clearly represent their industry, achieving our goal of creating a brand that feels welcoming, warm and modern.


Brand Identity

Business Stationary

Collaged imagery of brand identity pages for interior decorating and staging company done by small business branding agency, Skunk Hill Creative.
Cameo-Logo-Mark-Full-Color-Light Blue-Only-Web.png
Four squares showcasing navy, orange, forest green, and light blue color palette for brand identity project done by small business brand agency, Skunk Hill Creative.
Black iphone resting on top of marble block and next to ceramic white vase. On the phone screen is a green background with white logo with a C and house inside it. This is part of the brand project developed by small business branding agency Skunk Hill Creative for interior staging business.
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