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a hot brand.
a cooler website.

Howard Home HVAC Consulting originally approached Skunk Hill with a straightforward website request. However, during our kick-off call, it became evident they needed to establish their brand first and foremost. The Starter Kit - Standard was the golden ticket.

Before diving into the website, we swiftly embarked on the journey of crafting a brand identity that harmonized seamlessly with Howard Home's mission—to set a new industry standard in the HVAC space.

With a dual focus on educating both clients and industry professionals, Howard Home aspires to empower technicians and homeowners alike with valuable insights into the latest trends and science behind home heating, cooling and air quality.

Once the brand and website were successfully completed, the Howard Home team sought our expertise to create a compelling leave-behind piece, aimed at promoting their new business within the local community.

Click on the image to see the full website tour.

A fresh new website focused on education. As with all Skunk Hill Creative websites, we released the Howard Home HVAC Consulting site completely optimized for SEO and mobile. 

Dark Wood Panels
The front of a bright green and gray direct mail postcard for HVAC company.

jumbo postcard.

Howard Home HVAC Consulting wanted a simple leave-behind that could be used as a grassroots marketing collateral piece to help awareness around their new business.

We wanted our client to be able to track the success of the leave behind. To help, we created a QR code to help measure the reach of those going to the online lead generation form.

Back of bright green and gray postcard for HVAC company.

the ultimate resource for homeowners and industry professionals.

Following our initial kick-off meeting, it became clear that customer service and redefining the conventional HVAC company approach were top priorities for Howard Home.


Leading with an energizing color palette that deviates from the typical blues and reds associated with the HVAC industry and a brand mark signifying authority and inclusivity, we set out to establish Howard Home as the new industry standard.

The website and logo are just amazing. You have set the standard. All of my HVAC buddies are jealous and now thinking of re-doing their own website and logos.

Modern home with lights on at night, photo taken from exterior.
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