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simply elect-rifying.

The inspiration behind our Website Booster, we were approached by Julie Calvert-Watts to assist her in creating a website to support her campaign for city-county council.

Her objective was straightforward: to establish a central hub for her campaign. Our mission was twofold - to design a mobile-responsive website that allowed her to effortlessly update and expand its content while also serving as an informative space for her campaign agenda, a home base to solicit donations, and an area to engage with email subscribers.

Optimized for SEO and complimented with our personalized training videos, we completed this campaign website in just two days for our client. Speedy and efficient - just the way we like it!

Click play button on image to open website tour.

With just a campaign brochure to work off of, we were able to craft a campaign website that is easy to navigate, easier to update, and completely optimized for both SEO and mobile.

Thank you so very much! The website looks great and the turnaround time was just what I needed to get what I need done for my campaign.


Erin was so easy to work with and delivered above and beyond my expectations.

Indianapolis Monument circle at golden hour.
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