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raise the flag for cancer.

one man's journey to

In the work we do, there are projects, and then there are opportunities that transcend strategies and timelines. Our role within this project, the #SouthPoleTrek4Cancer, was undeniably the latter. 


We were approached by the public relations team of the Australian-based Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to join forces as the creative and design partner for their CEO, Lance Kawaguchi's, upcoming trek. The project's scope tasked Skunk Hill with creating a monthly suite of graphics, videos, post copy, and a calendar to complement the larger media pitches.

Lance's mission was crystal clear: to embark on a two-week trek to the South Pole, with the goal of raising funds for more than 20+ global charities and highlight the importance of continued cancer research.

Our primary objective was to establish a consistent visual identity that would resonate with his audience, weaving a compelling narrative to touch hearts, enhance awareness, and design graphics that would contribute to fundraising efforts. The resulting strategy entailed a dynamic blend of video and static graphics, all centered around three key pillars: community, research, and fundraising.

Grouping of various technology including laptop, desktop, mobile phone and ipad showing mixed marketing graphics for Lance Kawaguchi personal brand.

Picture this — creating an entire digital universe and personal brand entirely from scratch with only a logo and a handful of illustrations to find inspiration from. Challenge, accepted!

Tracks in Snow

colors that resonate.

When selecting the colors for Lance Kawaguchi's personal brand, we aimed to strike a balance.


We wanted these colors to have a meaningful connection to his current trek while remaining versatile enough to maintain their relevance even after the trek concludes.

Instagram promotion highlighting podcast guest appearance for Lance Kawaguchi.
Instagram post graphic featuring community member raising money for cancer.
Instagram post featuing details for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Sydney Running Festival.
Instagram post graphic highlighting fun run details.
Childhood Cancer Awareness month Instagram post graphic.
Instagram post recognizing World Cancer Research Day.

Creating a connection with the larger cancer community was a key focus for our client. This involved incorporating important awareness campaigns and showcasing local Cure Brain Cancer Foundation fundraising events.


The blend of content between the trek and broader cancer resources played a vital role in shaping our social media graphics strategy.

Instagram post featuring community member raising money for cancer.

community connection.

White Flakey Backdrop

focused on education.

One of the biggest strategic goals of the #southpoletrek4cancer was awareness.


As part of our social media plan, we wanted to create a series of informative and shareable carousels for both Instagram and Facebook.

strength in numbers.

The South Pole Trek 4 Cancer had a major fundraising component, and it was essential to shine a spotlight on the valuable support and provide insights into the various organizations involved among the 20+ global partners.

Moreover, our approach to partnership promotions was two-pronged, as we aimed to not only celebrate existing partners but also to ignite the excitement of potential new global collaborators.

Image by Cody  Chan
Document cover for South Pole Trek 4 Cancer corporate partners.
Brochure details for South Pole Trek 4 Cancer Corporate Partners.
Social media graphic for South Pole Trek 4 Cancer supporters.
Close up of hands holding mobile phone.

train with me series.

To help engage members within the Lance Kawaguchi community, we created the "Train with Me " Instagram Reel series to show the behind-the-scenes training for the trek. 

We exported these files to be usable for Instagram and Facebook Stories in order to fully promote each video. With 40 videos created, these are our favorites.

South Pole Trek 4 Cancer blog hero graphic.

from the captain's log.

In order to enhance the public relations team's efforts, we designed custom social videos that provided captivating sneak peeks into the "captain's log" type blogs they were writing to promote on Lance Kawaguchi's social media platforms.