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vegas,  baby, vegas.

When it comes to Las Vegas city, there's more than meets the eye. This campaign was crafted to help RCI members unearth the unseen, experience the unexpected, and truly discover Las Vegas beyond the glittering lights of the Strip.

Our goal was simple. Inspire and excite our members to explore the uncharted territories of Las Vegas. We wanted to offer a fresh perspective, showcasing opportunities beyond the stereotypical, and proving that Las Vegas is indeed for everyone.

In a city known for its unforgettable shows and 24/7 casinos, we delved deeper, presenting Vegas as the ultimate destination for families seeking adventure, foodies craving culinary delights, nature lovers yearning for outdoor experiences, and history buffs intrigued by the city's heritage.

To spark interest and encourage bookings for Las Vegas vacations, we created a captivating blend of content and imagery that brought the hidden essence of the Vegas to life.

The campaign's resounding success tells the story. We doubled our revenue goal, achieving not just a boost in numbers, but a testament to the power of uncovering hidden gems and redefining what Las Vegas has to offer. 

Image by Parsa Mahmoudi

campaign stats.

Strategy and Creative Lead, Execution, Copywriting


Media Created:
Video, Print, Digital, Campaign Landing Page


Promotional Channels:
Social Media, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising (inclusive of display and retargeting, paid social), Direct Mail, Call Center Contest, Social Media Takeover, Onsite Experience




Campaign Development:
Planning and development took two months.
Campaign run time one month.

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Vegas Is For ...
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boots on the ground coverage.

What better way to establish the story than to show it? To support the overall marketing theme, we sent a team of explorers to highlight the best Vegas has to offer.

Image by Ferdinand Stöhr
Digital media item with Las Vegas at dusk in background.
Digital media ad with Las Vegas strip at dusk in background and search call to action.
Direct mail postcard with Las Vegas strip at dusk.

you've got mail.

To broaden the reach of the digital marketing efforts and to ensure we are communicating to our target market (the average RCI member is 60+), we created beautiful jumbo postcard.

Oversized for a reason, we wanted this skinny, yet long, piece to stick out from the rest in the normal mail pile. 

For this audience, direct mail definitely is not dead with this piece seeing almost 600% in ROI. (Yep, we were excited).

Image by Ugur Akdemir
Black ipad featuring Las Vegas email marketing promotion.

the big winner - email.

With an average email circulation of half-million per drop, email marketing alone for this campaign brought in $1.5 million in booking revenue.

Average open rate? 33% CTR? 4%. Unsubs? Averaged 12 per email. Not to brag, or anything.

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