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The Leonard Story

Creative Director, Strategy and Project Lead, Execution, Copywriting


Team Size:
Managed team of four


Media Created:
Video, Long Form Content


Promotional Channels:
Social Media, Email Marketing, Blog




Campaign Partners:
Chicago Bears and local Springfield, IL media


Campaign Development:
Planning and development took one month.
Campaign run time one month.

Campaign Brief

Working closely with the Chicago Bears, The Leonard Story was a content marketing and USA Football branded campaign that highlighted the story of two high school coaches in Illinois.

Following the success of the Power of Football campaign, the Chicago Bears Community Outreach division reached out to the USA Football Marketing Team to help capture the story of Ken and Derek Leonard - a father and son football coaching duo who have a unique story about faith, family and football.


Drive social shares and engagement through video and long-form blog content.


1 million+ brand impressions between USA Football, local media and Chicago Bears.


The focus of this campaign was the 20-minute video feature on the Leonard family. Created to tease the campaign was a 2-minute trailer.

content support.

Ken Leonard shifts his weight slightly in a plastic orange chair, arms crossed over his chest.

“She would have hated this.”

The statement hangs in the air of the dim and still locker room. He flashes a slight smile, but his eyes hold most of his amusement.

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